We at Kairos believe that change is inevitable and it indeed is the best way to bring about diversity and creativity in the tomorrow we yearn for. We echo the words by Julia Carney from her poem 'Little Things', "Little drops of water, Little grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean, And the pleasant land." Even the smallest change that we bring about today can amplify into the much needed revolution of tomorrow, and we should utilise that for a better future.

Change is possible only when "WE" take a stand. We at Kairos believe in the significance of "US". When we stand together, no force can keep us aback.

Change will happen with patience, persistence and a strong commitment. It might take some time to embrace the new, but there is an undeniable promise that comes with the same. Team Kairos believes in individuals who are the harbingers of change.

There is no denying that change can be brought about by our acts. Let take a step to unlearn, and eventually learn.