Message from the Co-Founder Presidents

Co-Founder Presidents, The Kairos Group ©

Distinguished Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

On behalf of the Governing Council of Kairos International Model United Nations Council, we feel extremely honored to welcome all of you to our Global Family of aspiring leaders and enthusiasts, who are driven by the mission statement of “the change is US”. It gives us immense pleasure to call upon the World’s brightest students and scholars who have a passion for MUN’s and a profound interestin Global and Political issues to be a part of the New Asian Future, where there is no limit to learning.

MUN Conferences in the recent times, have undoubtedly proved to be a game changer for the youth and the budding leaders across the world. It is amazing to watch the influence Model United Nations Conferences can have in one’s life, marking the collaboration of hundreds of delegates to discuss and stimulate progressive change.

After the huge success of our very first Virtual Edition, Diplomat Meet 1.0, where we hosted delegates from across the globe on a digital mode, we are more than thrilled and excited to further this initiative by our future editions to come. We would be delighted to have you onboard with us as the pillars of change in this journey ahead, a journey which doesn’t just feel like attending a Conference, but a feeling that you enjoy. Once a Kaironian, always a Kaironian.

As we conclude, we would like to ask you this one little question, “Are you willing to go that extra mile?” If yes, you can make things happen. How? Where? When? Experience Kairos. See you at the Conference!


Vaishnav Gandhi & Dhawal Bansal.


Mr. Piyush Ranjan

Co-Chaiperson, WHO

"I had the opportunity to head one of the committees in the very first edition of Diplomat Meet conducted online by KAIROS IMUNC. I witnessed a truly sincere and committed team planning every aspect of the conference right from EB briefings to several workshops conducted for novice and experienced delegates. The entire organizing committee was always on their toes to provide assistance whenever required and I think this really left a wonderful impression in the hearts of everyone who were a part of the conference."

Ms. Suyesha Mishra

Delegate, UNSC

"Attending Diplomat Meet 1.0 as a delegate to the UNSC and winning the best delegate award, was an experience that will remain etched in my mind forever. The committee sessions were extremely interactive. The executive board members were keen on making sure that we as delegates learn as much as possible. At the end of the day all our doubts were cleared. I could enhance my soft skills and understand what Model UN Conferences actually have in themselves for every student out there."

Mr. Shohan Swaastik Mohapatra

Vice President, UNSC

"For some reason Kairos MUN, felt different, something we hardly find in any Model UN Conferences these days. The level of hospitality and management by the secretariat was one of the best I have ever experienced. The hard work of the organising Committee was very evident. They leave no stones unturned to make sure that everyone gains an outcome from the conferences they host. I would recommend everyone to have this experience at least once, to know what and how MUN is supposed to be."

Mr. Farjam Karim

Delegate, Lok Sabha

"After attending quite a few online Model UN conferences, Diplomat Meet 1.0 was successful in giving me a very good opportunity at delegating. While the committee sessions improved my critical thinking, i could also enhance my listening skills. The conference was fruitful and i definitely learnt a lot. It was wonderful to invest my efforts and time at a platform which had so much to offer in return. KAIROS IMUNC has set new benchmarks across the International Model UN Circuits and has proved to be one of its own kind."

Mr. Sanat Puri

President, UNHRC

"It was my pleasure to be invited by Kairos International Diplomat Meet 1.0 to preside United Nations Human Rights Council. Even though the Conference was held digitally keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic, the proceedings we so smooth and it was my absolute delight to be a part of this. I count this Conference as one of my favorite Online MUN because they catered amazing delegates, great workshops and all of it was possible because of an efficient team working day and night to make it the best. Thank you for having me on board."

Mr. Aryan Kumar

Delegate, UNHRC

"DIPLOMAT MEET 1.0 was the second virtual conference I attended, and it was undoubtedly the best that I have been a part of, so far. The considerations were made after a lot of information and knowledge that was shared, which simultaneously made the committee sessions go smooth and interesting. I definitely learnt how to streamline my thoughts and information, and how to deliver it properly. Also, having a friendly organizing committee, made my preparation for the Conference a cake walk."

Mr. Avyakt Mishra

Moderator, Lok Sabha

"Kairos IMUNC has been more a family than a forum for debating. At the end of the day, they will make you feel so comfortable that you will forgo the difference between a professional relationship and a personal one. All this while, they will also ensure that their homely attitude never comes in the way of dropping their guards. Consequently, the conference has one of the highest credentials in the country where the core secretariat including the SG takes out time after a hard day's work to individually address problems so that not even one delegate goes home unsatisfied."
"My experience at KIMUNC's Diplomat Meet 1.0 was enriching. I was able to connect and socialize with my co-delegates, and enhance my general knowledge, which further opened my vision to various ideas and probable solutions towards drafting an effective resolution for my committee's agenda. The committee moderators were amazing at simulating the entire organ. To sum up, Diplomat Meet 1.0 was a great opportunity for me to develop my public speaking and debating skills. It was a wonderful experience. I eagerly look forward to attend the next edition and highly recommend others to be a part of it."